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About Me

It is amazing how sound has the ability to capture and define the moments in our lives and set the tone for your special occasion! Whether it be the grand entrance to a wedding reception, pump-up music for corporate event, or loungy vibes for mingling - music will showcase and enhance the atmosphere of your day or night!

For the last 20 years, music has been my life. I'm a self taught drummer, guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer and DJ based out of Kelowna B.C. I studied audio engineering at the centre for arts and technology which proved to be invaluable to my growth as a musician and developed my skills in live-sound production. I am an experienced professional who will provide premium production, sound and professionalism, no matter the occasion.

Through DJing and live performance, I strive to convey my passion for music. I am here to help contribute in any way possible to making the planning process hassle-free and most importantly, being the backdrop for your experience.

see you on the dance floor

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